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Lotus: Miracle herbal plant

Water Lily or Thai called “Bua” is a kind of aquatic plant, along with Thai’s lifestyle for a long time.  Water Lily is not an ordinary beneficial plant only for worship to the Buddha, or to be foodstuffs or planting for beautiful decoration. Moreover, it can be used as herbs especially Lotus (“Nelumbo” genus or Sacred Lotus, called in Thai as “Bua Luang”) which almost parts have medicinal or pharmacological effects. Although there are botanical distinctions between different species of lotus but all species also show herbal effects properties.


Herbal and Pharmacological effects of Lotus

Root: sweet and fragrant taste, treatment of fever and diarrhea, nourish body-soul elements, treatment of sputum or phlegm and thirsty, boiled to be drug solvent for fever relief, treatment of exhausted state, vomiting, blister or abscess and dissolve drug for curing of hiccup symptom.


Rhisome: sweet, starchy rich and cool taste, enhance body energy, relieve high inside body temperature and thirsty, treatment of severe diarrhea, relieve cough (antitussive effect), expectorant effect, treatment of furunculosis (boil or abscess), gallbladder disorder, vomiting, decrease blood sugar, heal wound, anti-inflamation and treatment of diarrhea and diuretic effect

Stolon: fiber enriched, enhance body energy, releif fever, prevent constipation

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Petiole (leaf stalk) & Peduncle (flower stalk): antidiarrhea, uncomfort due to hot and moisture environment and treatment of  urticaria

          Petiole: stop bleeding effect

          Peduncle: treatment of nasal hemorrhoid

Flower: astringent and fragrant taste, effects of relieve fever and blood sugar, treatment of toxic fever, body-soul element disorders, sputum and blood disorder, cardiotonic, blood supplement, maintenance well being of pregnancy to prevent obstructive labor (delivery) or for easily labor


Pollen: astringent and fragrant taste, relieve fever or toxic fever, antidiarrhea,  typhoid fever, phlegm, fatigue, nausea&vomiting and pregnancy maintenance remedies

Stamen: astringent taste, aromatic odour, antioxidant effect, composes of “Flavonoids” (alkaloids substance), use as remedy in Thai scented drug called “Ya Hom”, cardiac and neurotic supplement, enhance body strength and refreshment or invigorative effect

Saccharin from pollen: treatment of obstructed phlegm or sputum and caused throat moisture, enhance body strength and property of diuretic effect

Calyx’s skin or Pod’s skin or Peel: astringent and fragrance taste, treatment of diarrhea, treatment of mushroom toxic effects, shortening of placental period and healing of intrauterine ulcer


Young leaf: astringent with sour taste, enhance body strength and refreshment

Mature leaf: astringent with sour taste and caused slightly intoxicating or drunk effect, relief fever, haematologic nourishment, smoke for healing of nasal hemorrhoid, Treatment of chronic cold, releif bloody sputum,releif headache, reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol, effect of pausing constriction of blood vessels, enhance uterine power in perinatal stage and treatment of polymennorhea

Seed: sweet, starchy rich and cool taste, enhance body strength, synovial fluid, ligament and neurotic effect, vigorousness, treatment of high inside body temperature, thirsty, releif phlegm, blister, gallbladder disorder, vomiting, fatigue, enhance body energy and body lipids, decrease blood sugar and anti-mutation


Embryo or Sprout (Small green piece inside lotus seed): bitter taste, cardiotonic, dilatation effect to cardiac vessels, treatment of thirsty, decrease blood pressure, oral infection, ejaculation of semen while sleeping and hematemesis